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Silverback Strength is the ultimate City Personal Training for those who want serious results. Be it Fat Loss, Strength or Body Transformation, Silverback Strength offers it and has proven results across the board.

Adam is one of the Square Miles top PT’s who is known for his meticulous attention to detail in programming; form, Adam has a proven track record of results for all of his clients be it for Strength, Powerlifting or Fat Loss Training.

Adam has been in the PT industry since 2013 and has built a growing reputation which has helped Silverback Strength expand into Two locations.




I completed my Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer degree with Focus Fitness in April 2015. Prior to that I was domestically qualified in Toronto, Canada, where I worked with athletes. I  specialised in mobility, sports specific training and strength and conditioning upon completing Anatomy and Training program, Strength Training For Runners and The Essentials of Facial Stretch Therapy with Darby Training System and Stretch to Win Canada.


As an athlete I reached the pinnacle of my sport by playing professional American Football with the Calgary Stampeders in Canadian Football League. Not everyone that works out wants be a professional athlete, so I have used my experience and studies to devise ways of training that will get clients that athletic look and achieving their health and fitness goals in their allotted time. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you.